From the recording Mexico in Our Backyard

Written at the home of Eddie Eastman in Mt Juliet Tn.Based on an idea that Eddie had for a year. Once we got together, the original lyric turned into this thanks to the talents of Gilles Godard.


Sittin out on the Patio, Listening to the Radio
Watching those white clouds float, 'cross the summer sky
Through the speaker comes a melody
Bringing back old memories
Of sunsets and walks on the beach, Honey you and I
So break out the Margarittas
Salt and Lime and my Sombreo
You'll be my seniorita, I'll be your Cabayerio wo wo wo
We'll set up the Tiki Torches
That I bought at Home depot
In our Backyard we'll have a little taste of Mexico
Imaginary palm trees swayin in the summer breeze
You bring it up a few degrees
With your Tiajuinna smile,This little backyard rendevous
Taylor made for me and
A tropical  dejouvous  Mexican Style