1. Eastbound 401

From the recording Eastbound 401

Song was written in Brampton ,Ontario, Canada.It was written about the highway through Ontario "The 401".Based on the idea that folks from Eastern Canada always want to go back home.


I'm Eastbound 401
I wanna ride with the morning sun
This great big city's no place for me
Down East country's where I wanna be
I'm Eastbound 401
Look out highway 'cause here I come
I'm Eastbound, Eastbound 401
This here song began
The day that I was born
And from the time I put this guitar in my hand
The neon lights called me
To this land of opportunity
So I packed up all I owned and I moved on
Two years have come and gone
But I don't feel the same
Guess I've had enough of this city life
You know where I'll be found
That old Eastcoast is where I'm bound
With my old car, my two guitars and my wife